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Ha Noi Dating Site For Ha Noi Singles ( 3 results)

  1. bigbee Love what you do. Do what you love

    32 year old   Single Man
    Man Seeking  Woman for Friends
    Friends in Ha Noi ,Vietnam

    My name's Chien Its mean' Victory' you call me whatever you want, I just want I will have significane wit
  2. TramKinz Nice to meet u , let s have a long conversation

    23 year old   Single Woman
    Woman Seeking  Man for Dating
    Dating in Ha Noi ,Vietnam

    i have a nice smile but i quite shy . Sometimes i don't speak much at the first time but when i get used
  3. AnhTíChuột 0944094888

    28 year old   Single Man
    Man Seeking  Woman for Language-Exchange
    Language-Exchange in Hà Nội ,Vietnam

    Hajimemashite.Betonamu kara kimashita. Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu.
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