Rana Su, how are you?
RanaParra 26 year oldFemale
I am Seeking a: Man
Lives In: San Tan Valley United States
About Me: I'm a single mother of 2 beautiful children. I, myself a, am easy-going person, though if you get in the way of my children and I, I won't hesitate to pounce on you and tear out your flesh. I can be a bit childish at times, though most of the time I am a very either serious or neutral person. When it comes to One Piece, I am an absolute fan girl. I work hard and I try my hard at whatever I do. I draw and write a lot, mainly fan fictions and my own personal series. I;m absolutely bubbly when I get comfortable around someone and I'm a freak in bed.

I am looking for: I'm interested in finding a Japanese man, particularly someone older than me, around 35 - 40 years old. My particular preferences are between a tall, built man, muscular, whom lips look sexy with a cigar betwixt them with maybe some attractive looking scars or a tall, slim man, whom of which has long hair, light chin hair, slightly lazy demeanor. Though, I am a sucker for deep, sexy voices, your age won't matter if you meet most of my preferences. Though I always say, everyone deserves a chance.

Gender: Female
Lives In: San Tan Valley United States
I am Seeking a: Man
Age: 26 year old
Seeking: Dating
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Marital Status: Single
Smoking: No
Drinking: Socially
Education: Some college
Occupation: Animation, Cartooning, 3D Animation
My Interests: Animation, Music, Cartoons, Drawing, Video, Games, Children,
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