Oh My mrs. Right how are you doing
Samuelsam 31 year oldMale
I am Seeking a: Woman
Lives In: Aarhus N Denmark
About Me: my name is Samuel Sam Bach Avanu it is a very long name so I keep it very short Samuel Avanu and I grew up in respectful Christian home and this is what you need to know about me I was born in 27-12-1989 in America and Mississippi I am mixed and my father is white and my mother is black and I am in the Mississippi US Army Reserve and I own my recording studio in America and Denmark and I love music and I really love singing everyday and because music relax my soul and my mind I am a simple ,sweet,funny,quiet,obedient,respectful,smart,intelligent and sexually active young man and I stay away from stupid friends I always keep my hands to myself I'm not a troublemaker and I have no criminal record and I dominate in everything I do. I am a relax guy and I don't make stupid decisions because what goes around comes around.

I am my father's only son so I have no brothers and sisters from my father's side and I grew up with my father and he was my best friend and he was always there for me and my father was in the US Army he was killed on duty in Iraq and since my father passed away I got very sick and my mom was always there for me she always travel from Denmark to America just to visit me and I came to Denmark to visit my mother and reunite with my half brothers and sisters and I have 3 half brothers and 2 half sisters and now I decided to stay in Denmark so I am here seriously searching for my Mrs Right and if I find my Mrs Right I would love to visit

I am looking for: I am really serious about marriage and commitment and and I am only interested in a Chinese or japanese girl because I love the culture and I will love to learn more about China or japan and if I found my sweet beautiful future Mrs Right I am willing to meet her in China and japan with no hesitation because I am NOT here to play games and if everything goes well between us I would love to make her my wife and my one and only and I would love to have a family tree with my love and 

Gender: Male
Lives In: Aarhus N Denmark
I am Seeking a: Woman
Age: 31 year old
Seeking: Marriage
Ethnicity: Mixed-Race
Marital Status: Single
Smoking: No
Drinking: No
Education: Masters degree
Occupation: US Army
My Interests:
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