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ilimamy23 28 year oldFemale
I am Seeking a: Man
Lives In: New York United States
About Me: very simple lady who need love and to be care for, l am a very humble type and respectfull. l love going out and love meeting people.

I am looking for: everybody are the same and that we are one family. l hate lies and l love when people are honest. l love kids a lot.

Gender: Female
Lives In: New York United States
I am Seeking a: Man
Age: 28 year old
Seeking: Marriage
Ethnicity: Other-Ethnicity
Marital Status: Divorced
Religion: Islamic
Have children: Yes
Height: 5' 4" (163 cm)
Body Type: Athletic
Smoking: No
Drinking: No
Education: High school
Occupation: given condition or situation
Second Language: English
My Interests: people, easily, don't, angry, unneccesarily., always, happy,
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