I want a secured life partner.
Shoumee 27 year oldMale
I am Seeking a: Woman
Lives In: Karachi Pakistan
About Me: I'm a straight-edge(drug free) My personality type is INFJ, I'm an introvert, who doesn't goes out much unless its my wife then I would definitely go out. I'm a Muslim, I have principles and I'm well mannered..I feel and care too deeply so people take my kindness and honesty for grantedyou feel and care of others too right? :) I can be funny and sarcasticand yeah I can be angry if someone needs me to be on their sideI'm loyal and honest and I like to follow the rules. I'm saving my love for someone who has been saving her love for someone special. I'm too genius remember I play dumb sometimes but I can read people's mind and sense their motivations. :) A lot of girls are after meand I do not even have a job yet? :) so I could misuse them, I could make them follow my command,but that is not rightso I never made a girlfriendI prefer a life partner who has wisdom and is mature, Since I'm a Muslim I do not look at other womanso my friends call me a kid because I respect women but I let them mock meI know something special is waiting for me so I'm saving myself 100% pure virgin. :)

I am looking for: I'm looking for a Japanese ,cute & rich girl who wants a decent and perfect life-partnerthe one most caring the most selfless personyou can find this much caring and responsible person in the movies or storiesI like to prove and I do not like talking about myselfbut I gotta if I must :( however I am looking for a cute, rich, Japanese girl who wants to get settled without a fear that her partner would ever cheatshe can feel secure in my arm, and never worry about tomorrowShe will be treated like a princess she is. Am I day dreaming? :o

Gender: Male
Lives In: Karachi Pakistan
I am Seeking a: Woman
Age: 27 year old
Seeking: Marriage
Ethnicity: Middle-Eastern
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5' 8" (173 cm)
Smoking: No
Drinking: No
Education: Some university
Occupation: studying ACCA
Second Language: English
My Interests: take, relationships, very, seriously...never, made, gf..I, prefer, life-partner.,

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